Luna Novellas are Win

I am a huge fan of Luna Press and the work they are doing as a small Scottish publisher to uplift amazing new and under-represented voices. I’m a little biased, naturally, as they did publish my novel Cast Long Shadows – but there’s a reason Luna Press consistently win awards, such as their last British Fantasy Award for Best Independent Press. The work they put out also consistently gets long-listed,

Writing Without Judgement

One of the hardest things for me to do is write shorts without second-guessing myself. As I begin (and I do, just, begin – there is no plan) the first thoughts I have are, ‘oh good I’m having fun – this is fucking weird‘, followed by, ‘shit this is too weird, I can’t sell this‘, to, ‘oh my god, people are gonna judge me hard, just be normal, Cat. Please.‘

Hello It’s Me

I’m the problem. Well, no, unmedicated ADHD is the problem. But I shall attempt to use this website more, and to make the effort to fix up my neglected newsletter. You’ve been warned.