I am a huge fan of Luna Press and the work they are doing as a small Scottish publisher to uplift amazing new and under-represented voices. I’m a little biased, naturally, as they did publish my novel Cast Long Shadows – but there’s a reason Luna Press consistently win awards, such as their last British Fantasy Award for Best Independent Press.

The work they put out also consistently gets long-listed, or outright wins (HI RHIANNON

!), so yes, they are a damn fine press, and Francesca and her team are incredible – they understand writers and the industry, and they work hard.

I’m also extremely biased because I consider the writer Lorraine Wilson to be a friend, and I blurbed Knicky L Abbott’s incredible Tanglewood.

‘Tanglewood is a thing of subtle, exquisite beauty. Knicky L. Abbott has a rich, luscious use of language where every scene feels as saturated as an oil painting, bringing Barbados into trembling life. By twisting together the strands of Irish and Caribbean history and mythology, she has created a vivid and unsettling story, made even more poignant and painful thanks to her grasp on the complexities of human nature and grievances. This is a tale that will stay with me and ensures Abbott is a writer to watch.’

Cat Hellisen, Nommo and BFS Awards Shortlist

While I haven’t yet read The Last to Drown, I know Raine is a marvellous writer and I trust that anything she does will sing as it breaks your heart. I’m both looking forward to reading it, and wondering how much she’s going to hurt me this time. (Also, a little jealous that she seems to be a word witch of immense power.)

So yes, this is a wee bit of a fannish squee, because it is launch day, and I have just bought myself the latest Luna Novella bundle release.

(If you are a bit apprehensive about trying new authors, you can also buy Luna novellas in ebook format from your preferred vendors.)

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