Fairy Dukes and Stupid Bargains

A very long time ago, back in the mists of time, or possibly in 2022, I was on Tiny Bookcase podcast, with a story written for the prompt ‘Currency’, which needed to be around a thousand words, if I remember correctly (see above: mists of time.) While the hosts had great stories, they were funny and political and satirical, and I’m afraid those are things I can’t do. I’m more

And that was April and Where the Ideas Come From

It’s a cliché that as you get older, time zips by faster, but it really feels like this year is hurtling past. One of the things that has made this year feel like a weird chug to the top of a hill before the downhill hurtle has been this spring. THIS SCOTTISH SPRING. An endless dreary grey made of wet and cold and febrauries and marches that lasted three months

GODSKIN at Strange Horizons

My short story GODSKIN is now live at Strange Horizons. It’s set in the DRIFT universe, which is a book I have started years ago and might one day finish. 😛 Until then, you have GODSKIN, and later this year, SEAGIFTS. Go read Godskin online at Strange Horizons! “Dead gods,” says Aunte Gull as she heaves the shimmering nets, “are almost as useless as live ones.” We work together, numb

Writing Without Judgement

One of the hardest things for me to do is write shorts without second-guessing myself. As I begin (and I do, just, begin – there is no plan) the first thoughts I have are, ‘oh good I’m having fun – this is fucking weird‘, followed by, ‘shit this is too weird, I can’t sell this‘, to, ‘oh my god, people are gonna judge me hard, just be normal, Cat. Please.‘